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New Site:

August 23, 2008

Gave birth to a new site/blog today. It’s a site that I’ve been considering doing for well over a year. The glassyeyes site gets a lot of traffic and a small, but growing, percentage of the viewers have asked about my thoughts on contact lens retailers.

I only wear contacts for sports, but I needed some with the cold months coming — hockey anyone?

So the research began, the grid started to come to life and so did the site. I took a clean WordPress template and started beating on it to bend it to my will.

It’s called Take a look.


August 21, 2008

After a nearly 8 month hiatus, I may be returning. I’m blogging like mad (OK, maybe not like mad, but blogging nonetheless) over at still, and building new sites (…) to contain other consumer-related topics I find interesting, but I was lacking a place for all the other stuff. How soon I forget, it was here all along.

Turns out, the new iPhone 3G may be the answer I was looking for. With the WordPress application for the iPhone, not only can I blog when (and where) I want to, but I can attach photos at the moment of inspiration.

What does this mean to you? Not a damn thing, unless you’re a big fan of randomness.

Glad to be back. 😉

(also you won’t have to put up with long posts as the keypad is only short post friendly)