This list tells you where my interests lie. I’m interested in many things. Some things I am interested in today, will no longer be interesting to me tomorrow.

  • blogging about eyeglasses
  • photography
  • indie music
  • msn direct
  • cycling
  • nintendo DS
  • tour de france
  • Minnesota Twins
  • film
  • a new government
  • hockey
  • fipilele
  • lego

2 Responses to “Interests”

  1. Niall Says:

    Saw your post on geocaching. I and my wife are well into it having discovered it about 10 months ago. We love it. We go to places we would never have gone to. We find walks we’d never have looked for before. It’s a great excuse for a walk too. Hope you get into it. It’s a great hobby.

  2. badr0bot Says:

    i think I should reply here with a couple of links.
    One is from the Sunshine soundtrack.. which may or may not be released in the released in the us. We may or may not get to listen to it.

    Plus I think Ira needs to have this on his blog. Town.mp3
    [audio src="" /]

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