These are the books I’ve been reading and I’m hoping you’ll leave me the books you’ve been reading. Just use the comments below, I will be.

9 Responses to “Reading”

  1. 3mew Says:

    “The Wisdom of Crowds”

  2. badr0bot Says:

    I finished “The Count of Monte Cristo” today at lunch. My highest reccomendation for witty, extremely well written adventure/love story/moral commentary.
    I have been reading a lot of those good reads this summer and I fear I may be ruined for some time after this one. The 1200 plus pages seemed a little daunting at first glance but when it ends you wish it had been 3000.

  3. Ira Says:

    I picked up Sth Godin’s “Small is the new Big” this past weekend. Starting a small business, this book is chock full of those ideas that can motivate you with exactly what you need. The first example in the book speaks almost entirely to the project I’ve been working on for nearly a year of late nights and weekends.

  4. mousemiles Says:

    Little one legged humans and some four legged pigs silhouette on its covers attracted my attention to a book I picked up from a local bookstore. its called One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding. very entertaining and easy reading.

  5. Joel S. Badzinski, Esq. Says:

    Hey Ira old buddy,
    Love your Web site. I highly, highly recommend Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series. It’s of the LA detective genre, but that explanation really doesn’t do it justice. It starts with The Black Echo, I believe, and the series is about 10 novels in now. Connelly wrote Blood Work, which was made into the Clint Eastwood movie.
    Take it easy.

  6. Hi Ira!

    My husband and I just got done reading “Daemon”, I think you’d like it. 🙂


  7. Ira Says:

    Just read the Floyd Landis book, “Positively False” while on vacation. It ruined th Tour De France for me when word came out about his doping, but after reading the book at poking through the Wiki Defense, I’m convinced he did it cleanly.

    I may be naive, but I really feel like he got the shaft on this. I think he’s clean.

  8. annie Says:

    ‘Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus’ by Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite books (along with his ‘Ender’ series) and has been described by people I’ve recommended it to as being ‘life-changiing’… word is, book 2 is coming out December 2007…

  9. badr0bot Says:

    Sam Harris “Letter to a Christian Nation”
    Simplified to only what needs to be read. A superb short read and a proof for why there should be an IQ standard for the voting masses; ie. what is really wrong with this country.

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