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When Sarah Palin speaks, my head explodes

October 2, 2008

Ever since she burst onto the scene, I’ve considered using ear plugs. Her droppin’ of the ‘g’ three times every “sentence” was enough, but the Couric interview made me feel as though English was my second language. This person could very well be vice president — so it must be me.

The fact that I’m forced to use conversational context to decipher her responses — and that I’m failing — must be at least similar to what an immigrant, with limited English, feels at the DMV.

I urge you to watch the debate tonight with the closed captioning on (Go grab the manual now so you know how to turn it on at 9PM EDT). I hope they use humans to do it — I predict they’ll give up.

Palin to “be withdrawn” as VP?

September 30, 2008

According to the Prediction Market, Intrade, the odds that Palin will “be withdrawn” as the VP candidate are rising — dramatically. Before you poo poo this, consider that this is people putting real dollars behind these “bets”, and they are often correct. Still a long shot, but not as long.

I predict this will rise on Thursday night.