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napolean dynamite soundboard

February 24, 2005

’nuff said.So I’ve been getting about 90% of my traffic (even 2 months later) off of this silly little link. Poke around the site a bit… let me know what you think. There is a lot of real content. Thanks!

(yes I realize it’s spelled wrong… it started as a harmless mistake)

howtoons rock

February 21, 2005

Got kids (or not) and love science? Howtoons are the answer for a boring Sunday afternoon (or even Monday evening)! With simple instructions and explanations, your kids and you can learn a lot while having a lot of fun in the process.

hockey players aren’t (all) dumb

February 16, 2005

“You hear how certain people believe that the hardcore fan will definitely return, that the damage isn’t irreparable,” Flyers captain Keith Primeau said in Philadelphia.

“I think that’s a huge miscalculation or judgment in error of who and what your fan base is. That, I think, is going to alarm a lot of people when the doors are reopened.”

But commissioners might be (or at least billionaire owners might be snarky)…

“When I first heard about it (Bettman leaving the NBA for the NHL),” said Pat Williams, general manager of the NBA’s Orlando Magic at the time, “I sent the guy a puck. And I heard he spent all day at his desk trying to figure out how to open it up.”

Deal today?

need to track satellites?

February 7, 2005

Here is a cool site with lots of different ways to see where (AND HOW MANY!) the earth’s satellites are.

asher is getting close to walking

February 7, 2005

Next week will be 13 months for the little guy and he’s taking a step here and there right now. His brothers were each walking at 13 months, so he had better get going. It’s fun to see how proud he is of doing things his brothers do. His face looks as if it’ll burst if he smiles any more intensely.

He’s cute as hell.