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Getting to “right”

February 18, 2009

I’m mid-way through my first week since early October as a “free agent”. I’ve not felt “right” yet. I’m trying to assign percentages to the reasons why this is the case.

Here are the contenders:

1. Lack of steady income
2. President’s Day and the short week
3. Too much time to think — two round trips on the LRT
4. The lingering hip injury
5. The weather
6. Possible cold coming on

For the time being I’ll assign 16% to each and the remaining 4% to “miscellaneous outside influences”.

Truth be told, I’ve been rather productive and the brain has definitely been firing on all cylinders. I just need to get back on the groove. No appointments tomorrow unless Dan wants to get lunch. 😉

NOTE TO SELF: blogging IS your job now.