remember everything in 1992 about clinton’s pot smoking?

March 9, 2005

I think there were 60-minutes pieces and TIME magazine covers (or at least huge stories). Now, we get word of tapes of Bush talking about smoking weed and it is greeted with barely a whimper.

I guess all you have to do is say you’ve become a born-again Christian and !!!BOOM!!! the sheep of America will see you as presidential material (you’ll also need a healthy dose of nepotism and so much money you can’t even imagine). The biggest spin machine on the planet helps too. Just look back at all of the stories that appeared in the past few years and look at what happened

Oh, I stopped talking about marijuana a long time ago. Do I think Bush ought to be dragged over the coals for toking a joint? No. Should Clinton have been put through the same? Never.

Is Bush being treated fairly? He’s being treated much more than fairly.

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